hello i am Jesse and i started working on cars at the age of 14,  i learn the Automotive trade by working on vehicles hand on hand and also by working for some of the best dealership in CA and that's why i decided to bring the dealership quality to you, to your location, highway, home, business or wherever the vehicle may be at a fraction of the price that you would pay at a dealership or other places.

our shop is family own a local auto repair shop in bakersfield, we also provide onsite mobile auto repair and road service, i have over 20 years of Auto Motive mechanic experience; on domestic vehicles, European and Japanese vehicles; my goal is to provide the best service in town at the lowest price; "i will go to the vehicles location" in most cases.

Operating in the Bakersfield and Surrounding areas.

i provide the following services:

engine overhauls; no start; check engine light codes diagnostics; computer diagnostics; electrical problems diagnose; Tune Ups; Starters; Alternators & Belts; Timing Belts Service; Fuel Pumps; fuel injection cleaning; Water Pumps; thermostats; Radiators; Head Gasket Jobs; Drop gas tanks and install; Battery check; alternator check; starter check; Brake- disc or drums; transmission service; valve cover gasket; front end ball joints and shocks, control arms, heater core replacement, and more.

i will go to your vehicle location and fix it right there and there, my work is warranted, i will give you a full diagnose of all the problems in your vehicle. 


we provide full maintenance and auto repairs at our shop or on the mobile bases bringing you the mechanic shop to your location. or you could drop the vehicle to our location and pick it up when is done so that you don't waste your time waiting.

i always wanted to create a company that can provide mechanic cervices at the comfort of your home, business or any location and to be able to go and repair the car where it broke down, many people has abandoned their vehicles on the high way because they couldn't effort to pay for a tow truck specially if far from home so they rather leave the vehicle on the high way to be impounded, and that's why i came up with this service to help the people in need of a real Mobile Auto Mechanic and roadside assistance.

the difference is that my prices are way lower then the dealership and most local shops

Opening Hours:




10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SATURDAY: 12:00 AM - 04:00 PM




​1- 661-241-8581
Email: bakersfiledmobilemechanic@gmail.com
326 21st Street


About Us


We’re a family own company growing in a very competitive field, and that is why we feel confident to say that we will provide the best service at the lowest price and at your location

Our company provides better services than most local Mechanic shop because we bring the shop to your home or location, so that you don’t have be bore ant the shop or leave your daily things to do unattended


Our prices are very lower then dealerships and most shops, we are very competitive to any shop or dealerships.

How is this possible? Simple we are family owned, we care for our customers and we don't have the corporate fees and the expensive advertising bills and those saving allow us to charge less but give you the same quality service and attention that you deserve.

Our Services


​- Mobile Auto Mechanic repairs, Road Side Assistance, Gas, Jump Start, Tire Change and More


-Coplete Mechanic Mobile Repair


-Complete Computer Diagnostics

- Complete Safety Analysis

- Drivability Problems

- Tune - ups

- Oil Changes

- Tires

- Brake repair specialist

- Steering and Suspensions

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